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Our solutions

Save billable hours with our tailored AI-powered solutions

Your analysts spend several billable hours building contact lists and sending emails manually to secure market research interviews.

Our tailored solutions will allow them to secure interviews on autopilot diligently.

Get answers to advanced industry or project-related questions leveraging your past projects and proprietary frameworks.

Solve customer cases faster, reduce turnover impacts and quicken new projects onboarding.

We help you start your AI journey with an actionable and coherent AI strategy.

We blend your goals with our expertise to deliver cutting-edge insights that will drive impact.

We deliver custom AI solutions that fits perfectly your use cases and lead to effective billable hours-savings.

From AI chatbots to AI automation we integrate seamlessly cutting-edge solutions to your consulting workflows.

Our approach

Seize the AI opportunity seamlessly

We start by diving deep into your organization's DNA to pinpoint where AI can be a game-changer

We co-define project scope and specifications tailored to your needs

We draft a custom proposal on a project basis

We choose the best tech stack and AI model for your use case to ensure efficiency, data privacy and confidentiality

We support you from inception, to deployment and beyond

We hold weekly workshops to make sure the project stays on trac

Consulting leaders already started their AI journey

McKinsey launched ‘Lilli by McKinsey‘ – a tool for its internal teams to leverage their vast knowledge base for streamlined search and synthesis of insights

KPMG Australia launched KymChat – its Generative AI CoPilot – which uses client data to help KPMG employees provide the best solutions to the clients.

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